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McDonald Jasper Law is a full service law firm based in the Burlington Ontario. We are a mid-sized practice with a national client base.

Since our inception in 2011 we have grown from strength to strength through the expertise of our teams of specialists and the sheer variety of clients we service. We believe that what really differentiates us is our working style. We work with you as well as for you – ours is a collaborative approach to working in partnership with our clients to achieve your goals.

Our clients include individuals, families, start-up businesses, retailers, private and public companies, partnerships, asset managers, hospitality chains, telecommunications companies, educational institutes, charities and not for profit organisations.

We always protect client’s

‘Building Trust Through Understanding’ – It’s not just a corporate slogan; it is how we develop strong professional relationships with our clients, stakeholders, staff, suppliers and contacts.

Our vision is to provide an unparalleled bespoke legal service to all of our clients in a way that suits them, both personally and commercially. We are forward thinking and have embraced technology while honouring core traditional values of dedication, determination and integrity.

Most importantly, we ensure that our clients experience first class legal services through our experience, knowledge and focus on achieving the best results. Our teams have been carefully chosen for their diligence and professional drive to ensure that their personality and skills fit with our philosophy of building trust through understanding.


McDonald Jasper Law believes that community and social responsibility revolves around the understanding of the impact our business has on the environment, the welfare of individuals, local and international communities and the sustainability of the world’s resources.

Running a business goes beyond making profits and acquiring wealth. We acknowledge our obligation to consider the wider interests of our clients, employees, the community and the world at large.

We actively participate in charities and community projects that will make a difference to people’s lives. Some of the causes we support include:

  • Social inclusion projects through voluntary work
  • Pro bono work and free legal advice clinics
  • Apprenticeship, work experience and internships
  • Mentoring and mock interviews to provide opportunities for education and employment
  • Career development advice
  • Using paper responsibly and recycling to reduce waste
  • Becoming more energy efficient
  • Encouraging the use of environmentally sustainable products and services
  • Providing training and raising awareness among employees
  • Listening to clients and employees ideas of how we can become a better company

Through our initiatives, our goal is to help make the world a better place through our small but consistent efforts


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Our principles

As a full service firm, at the very heart of our business is the drive to meet our clients’ needs to achieve outcome focused results. We do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ rigid policy. We prefer a fluid, transparent and tailored service where we work with you as well as for you to meet your needs. Our client relationships are based on trust and loyalty. Everything we do revolves around satisfying the needs of our clients. We genuinely value our clients’ opinions as it is a measure of our success. Our clients prefer our personal approach; we give thought and attention to everything. Our aim is to deliver a robust, dynamic, personal and cost effective service with no compromise on quality.

As a part of our overall approach we operate based on achieving transparency and openness with clients. This guidance is embedded in our firm ethos of building trust through understanding, which we have developed by:

  1. Treating all clients fairly, rooted in our corporate culture.
  2. Marketing and selling services with the aim of meeting client needs.
  3. Providing clients with clear, concise information before, during and after we complete our service.
  4. Tailoring the advice provided to a client’s individual circumstances and to an acceptable service standard.
  5. Being transparent from the outset so clients always have clear information about the service being provided.

Commercial Areas of Practice

Commercial Litigation

Disputes are a fact of business life. The commercial litigation department at McDonald Jasper Law has an experienced team of Practitioners who are committed to assisting clients in resolving any type of business dispute.

At each stage of any commercial dispute, our Practitioners will be pro-active in achieving your objectives whilst ensuring that any court proceedings or dispute resolution processes are dealt with quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Our Services at a glance

Our team of civil litigation solicitors are more than capable of handling every aspect of your case from start to finish, ensuring you receive appropriate compensation and a favourable outcome. Whether your case relates to:

Our  work includes:

General Criminal Law


Road Traffic Accidents

Motoring Offences HTA

Regulatory / Environmental

Customs & Excise, Trading Standards and Health & Safety Prosecution

Employer / Employee Disputes

Compensation Claims Against Public Authorities

Civil Litigation

Personal Injury Claims