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If you undertake work for an employer as an employee, worker, or even on a self employed basis, you will have a contractual relationship with your employer.  You do not necessarily need a written contract to establish a contractual relationship, you can also have a verbal contract.  We can take your instructions and consider various verbal and written communications between you and your employer to determine what would be considered to be terms of your employment contract.

Oftentimes an employer will give an employee a detailed written contract of employment, and quite often they will also refer to their staff handbook, which will contain the employer’s policies. We can explain the terms of such contracts and policies to you and advise you if you are, or your employer is, in breach of the terms and how you should proceed.

Employment Contract Advice Solicitor

We can advise employees, workers, agency workers, and those working on a self employed basis.  We can carefully review your contractual documentation and make sure that it meets the requirements of current legislation. We can also assist you in negotiating terms in your contract to make them more favourable to you.